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Privacy Policy


Whoa! You actually read this page on Android TidBits!  And, that is a good sign.  Not many people care to read the policies and terms of use of the sites that they regularly visit–and there’s a good reason for that, too.  Most sites’ “Privacy Policy” page actually are boring to read mainly because site owners lump a lot of legal gobbledygook into that page.  Nothing harmful about such practice, though–although the lawyer-speak tends to make users shy away from these pages.

However, we at Android TidBits want you to feel comfortable about the content that we have on our site, and we want you to be able to understand the content as clearly as possible.  We do take great pains to ensure that kind of awesome and cool experience here.

On this page, we will tell you about how Android TidBits ensures that your online privacy is respected and upheld while you are using (“Site” or “Android TidBits”) or accessing its pages either as an anonymous visitor or as a registered member.  This online privacy policy statement applies only to Android TidBits.  Content or services hosted by external or third-party providers have their own online policies and are not covered under this online policy statement.

This Online Privacy Policy should be considered as complementary and inseparable from Android TidBits’ Terms of Service.

Your Data: What We Do or Don’t Do with It

We do collect data from you, but nothing more than those required for the Site to provide you with the content or service that you are looking for.  You probably are unaware of it until now, but almost all Web sites collect such information as your IP address, information about your browser and the operating system that it runs on, the Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) of the Site pages that you access, the time and day you accessed those resources, the URL of the page that directed you to pages on the Site, indicators of successful access, and the like.  These things happen under the hood and are pretty standard anywhere on the World Wide Web.  These pieces of information about you may or not be sufficient to personally point you with laser precision.

Whenever we do collect information that does fingerpoint your identity, we do so with your full consent and full knowledge.  Thus, personally identifiable information coming from you is purely voluntary and optional on your part.  You do not need to provide us with personally identifiable information to be able to enjoy the publicly accessible content on Android TidBits.

Some sections of the Site are available only to registered members, who, because of their registration, can enjoy other additional functionalities and additional content.  For instance, registered members can subscribe to our newsletter, participate in gimmicks or promotions that we run, leave comments on pages, and the like.

We never collect personally identifiable information from anyone below the age of 13 years.  Android TidBits doesn’t want children to be exposed to any harm or danger through our Site.  Android TidBits complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

The information we collect about our anonymous and registered visitors are useful to us in improving Android TidBits so that it can serve its visitors better.  We will never willfully provide your information to anyone unless you explicitly ask us to, you explicitly allow us to, the law compels us to, or the law allows us to.

As far as security and integrity of your data is concerned, we try our best to use safe means to protect your information from unauthorized access or manipulation.

Cookies and How They Can Make Your Visit More Delicious

Cookies are small tidbits of information that comes from our Site server and stored on your hard disk whenever your browser accesses Android TidBits.  These cookies allow the Site to identify your browser, gather needed data, and remember certain types of information.

The cookies served by Android TidBits help us know more about our visitors better and tailor visitors’ preferences so that visitors will have a great time on the Site.  Cookies are also used to track ads, gather aggregate information (for instance, information about Site visits and the activities that visitors perform on our Site).  The information is precious to any plan to improve Android TidBits.

There may come times when we’d ask for help from external service providers.  Such assistance from them sometimes requires us to provide them with the information we have collected from you, or require them to collect the needed information from you on our behalf.  These external service providers that we work with do not have permission to use the information other than to help Android TidBits become a better Site.

Certain pages on Android TidBits also show Google Ads in order to provide add-on and valuable content.  In relation to Android TidBits, Google is an external and third-party provider.  Google Ads also use cookies called DART, which allows Google to show you ads that are relevant to your Site visit.  And, since Google is a third-party provider, you may want to head off to Google’s policy pages for more information about its policies.

Cookies make you puke?  No worries.  You can refuse them.  You can set your browser to notify you each time it receives a cookie.  You can also choose to reject all cookies from anyone.  Although most sections of the Site will be okay even if you do not want cookies from us, some parts of the Site or some features may not work as expected if cookies are turned off.  For information about Google’s DART cookie, including information about how to stay away from it, visit the  Advertising and Privacy page in the Google Privacy Center.

In Case of Changes to This Policy

Android TidBits’ Online Privacy Policy is effective as of October 1, 2011.  Any future changes to this policy will be reflected on this page.  We have the right to change this policy from time to time and we are not under any obligation to inform you.  So, please visit this page from time to time and see what has changed or not.  If you continue to use Android TidBits even if you have not become aware of changes to this policy, your continued use of the Site will mean that you agree to and are bound by the modified policy.

Sign Here to Show You Agree with This Policy

Actually, there’s no printout of this policy that you can sign.  Your actual use of the Site indicates your agreement to our Online Privacy Policy and that you promise to abide by its terms.

See also our Site Terms and Conditions of Use.

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