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Oct 262011

After a few days of waiting for confirmation, Google Nexus One users now have definitive word from Google: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is not coming their way.  But, Google Nexus S users have a reason to rejoice, as Google has the Nexus S on the list of devices to be upgraded to the latest Android version .

Hugo Barra of Google told The Telegraph today that the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Google Nexus S will start pushing out “within weeks.”  Users of the Google Nexus S, manufactured by Google in partnership with Samsung, won’t have to wait long for the upgrade, since Barra vowed that the upgrade will be rolling out very shortly after the Google GALAXY Nexus is released in November.

Unfortunately, Google thinks that the HTC-manufactured Google Nexus One is “too old” for Android 4.0.  The Google Nexus One was the flagship Android handset that first carried the Google Nexus brand.  Google’s Nexus handsets are intended to showcase pure Android and a purely Google experience, without the taint of manufacturer or carrier customizations, skins, or overlays in the user interface.

Apparently, the Google Nexus S still has enough strength to run the powerful features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which Barra described as “an incredibly intuitive platform” and the “best one” Google has ever crafted.

Although Google may have left Nexus One users out of Ice Cream Sandwich, several of the original Nexus’ users may find comfort in the fact that the handset perfectly and smoothly runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

There may be hope for unofficially force-feeding the Nexus One with Ice Cream Sandwich, though, as several reports have been mentioning of custom Android 4.0 ports intended for the Nexus One.  The likelihood is great, since Android has a vibrant and active developer community, and it won’t probably take long before someone releases a stable port of the Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus One.

Feature image uses photo by closari (Flickr)

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