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Jan 232014


Motorola recently updated its Migrate app with the ability to transfer data from iPhone to certain supported Motorola Android phones. The whole process happens via the intermediation of iCloud.

Initially, the Motorola phone transfer tool could only move data from certain Motorola phones to other Motorola phones. But, the newest and updated version (as of January 21, 2014) added support for iOS, enabling iPhone users to easily transfer their iCloud data to certain Motorola Android phones — although partially for now.

The app currently supports the Motorola Moto X and the Motorola Moto G. Three handsets from the Droid series — the Motorola DROID ULTRA and Motorola DROID MAXX, as well as the Motorola DROID MINI — are also fully compatible with the app.

The updated capabilities of the Motorola Migrate app means that if you’re an iPhone user and you want to switch over to any of the said Motorola phones, you can easily transfer your calendar events and contacts. These two are the only ones supported in Migrate’s iCloud to Android transfer capability for now.

Support for transferring media files such as photos, music, and movies from iPhone to Android is not yet available.

However, data transfer from Android device to another supported Android device includes not just calendar events and contacts but also media files (photos and videos), SIM contacts, and text and call history.

The recent update to the Motorola Migrate app also included fixes for bugs and issues in the earlier versions.

The Motorola Migrate app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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