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Oct 282011

Not every Samsung Android device is created equal, as far as upgrades to the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is concerned.  According to Italian site HDblog Google Android, Samsung Italy has confirmed that it will start sending out Ice Cream Sandwiches to its high-end fleet of Android devices in the second quarter of next year.

Samsung Italy reportedly confirmed that most high-end devices in the GALAXY family will get the upgrades.  Besides the Google GALAXY Nexus, the following Samsung devices are reportedly lined up for upgrading:

  • Samsung GALAXY S II
  • Samsung GALAXY Note
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7
  • Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus

Older Samsung Android smartphones such as the GALAXY S, or the mid- and low-range devices in the GALAXY series such as the Samsung GALAXY W, were not mentioned on the list. The blog, however, does not state whether Samsung Italy is speaking on behalf of Samsung worldwide, or whether the estimated upgrade schedule applies only to the Italian market.

The report also mentions that Samsung has yet to determine how long it will take to prepare the upgrades for the high-end devices.  The report also is suggesting that Samsung may try evaluating the possibility of putting Ice Cream Sandwich on its devices that have WVGA resolution displays (e.g., Samsung GALAXY W).

It could potentially take Samsung a considerable length of time to finalize the upgrades for the high-end GALAXY devices, since Samsung has slapped on its own custom Samsung TouchWiz user interface on them, and the software will have to be tweaked and adapted to the new features of Android 4.0.  Thus, a modest

As for Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades in the U.S. market, Samsung may have to deal with possible delays owing to mobile carriers’ tendency to add their own customizations on top of the base operating system and the manufacturer customizations.

If you own any of those high-end Samsung devices, you’re one lucky fellow, but you might have to wait some more months before you can grab a bite of Ice Cream Sandwich–unless some coder beats Samsung to the punch and brings out a custom ROM for your rooted phone.

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