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Dec 142011

Samsung and Google unveiled their brainchild for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus, about 7 weeks ago. The Android phone has been released in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, and other markets, except the United States. Many were crossing their fingers that the rumored December 9 release date for the Nexus phone would come true. December 9 came and went–no GALAXY Nexus for the U.S. crowd thus far.

Folks are setting their eyes on a new GALAXY Nexus release date for Verizon Wireless: December 15. Verizon has apparently acquired an exclusive lockdown for being the first carrier to release this new phone from Samsung, thus preventing competitors from going ahead and launching the Samsung phone on their own networks.

Despite several Verizon store employees’ assurance to nearly-irate customers that the celebrity Samsung phone will be available to the public on December 15, the hard truth is that Verizon has not officially mentioned a precise date for releasing the new phone.

The other pill that’s harder to swallow is that stocks of the Samsung phone are already in Verizon stores, according to a report from The Verge.  Stocks of the Google phone are also already in the stockrooms of retailers such as RadioShack and Best Buy.  All that everyone is waiting for is for Verizon to say just two words: “Sell it.”

Frequently Unanswered Questions

Why hasn’t Verizon done so yet?  One possible reason is that the device is still being tested by Verizon.   One Verizon worker relayed to The Verge a notice that echoed this: “Rigorous device testing is part of our commitment to our customers. Verizon will not release a device until our highest standards have been met. We’ll announce the launch of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung as soon as it’s available.”

What is Verizon testing on the Samsung phone?  The 4G LTE connectivity?  Its tightly integrated carrier-enforced software that many Verizon customers actually don’t use–or want?  The self-adjusting volume bug that plagued early adopters of the Nexus phone in the U.K.?  The Carrier IQ issue that caused restlessness among many customers lately?  The conflict of interest between Google Wallet on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus and Verizon’s strong alliance with ISIS for Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions?  Other various functionalities of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, whose source code Google released almost as instantly as it announced the Samsung GALAXY Nexus about 7 weeks back?

What exactly is it that Verizon is testing “rigorously” in the new Android phone from Samsung?  And, why is it taking the company more than two months to test it rigorously?  If the same “rigorous testing” was performed before Verizon released the Motorola DROID BIONIC, then the rigor was probably not strong enough because the DROID BIONIC came out not entirely perfectly and smoothly functioning.  Remember the HTC ThunderBolt and its lightning-fast battery drain issue?  How “rigorously” did Verizon test that Android phone?

Speculations Abound

Somehow, all these unanswered questions leave one wondering about what the real cause of the delay is.  People are already starting to feel queasy about Verizon’s dilatory strategies.  For instance, it’s possible that Verizon has not yet released the Android phone from Samsung in order to give more exposure to its two other recently launched Android phones: the HTC Rezound and the Motorola DROID RAZR.  With the GALAXY Nexus being another hotly awaited Android phone, it could very well steal the thunder from those two other devices.

Another possibility being floated around many quarters of the Web is the idea that Verizon doesn’t really have the hots for the new phone from Samsung.  Possibly taking advantage of being the exclusive carrier for the Samsung Nexus phone, Verizon can and is getting away with the delay in releasing the Nexus.  Whatever the case, many people who are looking for their next Android phone to buy from Verizon have given up on the Nexus phone and have settled for the other Android phones currently available, such as the Motorola DROID RAZR and the HTC Rezound.

The silence from Verizon over the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is eerie.  It is not creating suspense among many people at all.  Rather, it is raising doubts and suspicions.  Verizon will be releasing the Nexus phone–one is certain of that.  It’s just that Verizon is taking its sweet time, and in the process torturing those in the U.S. who are eager to be the first to own an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device.

What do you think is the real reason why Verizon hasn’t released the GALAXY Nexus yet?

  3 Responses to “GALAXY Nexus Already Selling Everywhere Except U.S. — Why Not?”

  1. Interesting points, IMHO, it has to do with letting the Razr and Rezound get a jump strart. However, since Christmas is in 11 days, either it gets out in the next 2 days OR there could be a serious problem with the phone!!

  2. I spoke to a manager at my local Verizon store in SC and they said they just received their Nexus in the mail yesterday. He could not give me an answer on the release date but he was not a tester so this could mean that the release will come this week. I also was about to be rung up for the Nexus at H H Gregg on December 9th and was playing around with it until they could not ring it up due to it not being in their system. The manager then read his notifications and said it was delayed. Hopefully it will be out tomorrow and we can all put an end to this painful waiting.

  3. Hey, Rob and daveb! Thanks for leaving your comments. The GALAXY Nexus is now out. No more painful waiting for you two. :D

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