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Nov 242011

A few months back, while rumors about Google’s next Nexus flagship smartphone for the upcoming Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich were still spreading like wildfire in multiple colors, the mention of an 8-megapixel camera gave Android fans reinvigorated hope that the new Nexus is going to be on par with currently existing Android smartphones, for which 8-megapixel shooters have become standard.

When official unveiling day of the Google GALAXY Nexus came, several eyebrows were raised at the mention of only a 5-megapixel primary camera.  Since then, the GALAXY Nexus’ 5-megapixel camera has been among the few features of the Ice Cream Sandwich phone that a lot of tech circles loved to harp about–until came this recent news about the device’s secondary, front-facing camera’s ability to capture HD-resolution (720p) video images. caused a stir today when it broke news of the GALAXY Nexus’ ability to capture 720p video using the phone’s secondary, 1.3-megapixel camera–and posted comparison footage, too.  Below is a footage taken from a VGA-resolution front camera:

And, the HD-resolution footage below was from the GALAXY Nexus:

Try viewing the two videos on a large screen, especially a hi-def monitor, and you will notice that the footage from the GALAXY Nexus shows more details.

With most other high-end Android handsets graced only by VGA-resolution front cameras, the HD ability of the one on the GALAXY Nexus is a welcome “discovery”–something that Samsung and Google ought to have mentioned during announcement day.  The GALAXY Nexus’s front camera is said to be one of the first 1.3-megapixel shooters with HD video powers.

VGA resolution on front-facing cameras are perfectly okay for video calls, especially for phone-to-phone video chats. And, anyone’s eyes would hardly notice any difference in the video quality between a VGA-resolution video call and an HD-resolution video call–if viewed on a smartphone’s screen.

But, as observes, the playing field will no longer be even when the video feeds are viewed from a large screen, especially an HDTV.

Does this “new” facet about the GALAXY Nexus soothe whatever flustered feelings you had earlier towards its cameras?  What do you think about the fact that the GALAXY Nexus also has a barometer hidden inside?

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