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Dec 052011

The Amazon Kindle Fire has lit a very big fire indeed, despite analysts’ prophetic visions of low esteem for Android tablets in the mobile device market. One reason for the forest fire kindled by the Kindle Fire is the fact that Amazon has hit the sweetest spot for pricing an Android tablet: $200.

The Kindle Fire, however, does not carry an everlasting battery. In fact, no device ever does. Although the Amazon Kindle Fire does provide a decent amount of power, it can easily slurp every ounce of power if you are not careful with usage.

According to Amazon’s own estimates, the Kindle Fire can provide juice for 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of continuous video playback–with the Wi-Fi turned off.   Somehow you’d wish there were ways to save some of that precious juice, especially during long travels or during times when you forgot to bring the tablet’s charger.

There are several tricks that you can try so that your Amazon Kindle Fire won’t unnecessarily consume battery power. Here are the top 5 ways to save power on your Amazon Kindle Fire:

  1. Wi-Fi off.  The sad truth is that connecting to Wi-Fi is often necessary so you could fetch stuff from the Internet–browse the Web, download music or movies from Amazon, send emails, and the like. Keep Wi-Fi turned off if you are not accessing the Internet. Wi-Fi eats battery power. Even if you are not browsing the Web or downloading anything, keeping the Wi-Fi antenna turned on will still eat minimal amounts of battery power, which can add up. So, fire up Wi-Fi only when you need it.
  2. Sleeping tablet.  Put your Amazon Kindle Fire to sleep mode when you don’t intend to use it. But, before you put it to sleep, turn off Wi-Fi first. That way, when you wake up your Kindle Fire, it won’t eat up more power than necessary.
  3. Dim lights.  Lower the screen’s brightness. The brighter the screen, the more power it consumes. In many cases, setting the Kindle Fire’s display brightness to lower levels doesn’t impact reading very much. However, there is no rule of thumb for what percentage of brightness to set your display to. Just experiment with the settings and set the level to one that provides comfortable brightness. The lower the brightness, the longer your battery will last.
  4. Only essential apps.  Close Android apps that are not necessary, especially those that perform background tasks (e.g., background syncing of emails, fetching tweets and status updates, and the like). When you run an app, your Android tablet eats power. When an app performs tasks in the background (i.e., without your knowing), it also eats power. So, turn off those apps, especially if the duties they perform are not necessary. Turning off unneeded Android apps can also help make your Kindle Fire run faster. To find out what Android apps are running in the background, navigate to the Settings menu. From there, select “More” and then go to “Applications.” You will be shown a list of running apps. Tap on an application name and select “Force Stop” to close the application.
  5. Extra external power.  Consider using extended battery options for your Amazon Kindle Fire. External battery packs can come in very handy in emergency situations where your Android tablet runs out of power and you have something very important to do on your Kindle Fire. Here are some external battery packs that you might want to consider:

EVOPower External Backup Battery. This Lithium-polymer battery pack weighs only 304 grams and has a very high capacity rating of 10,000 mAh. You can charge two devices through its two USB ports. LED lights show how much power is left in the battery pack. The unit also has a Power button so you can control when to start or stop charging.

Cinch Power CP965. This is another lightweight Lithium-polymer external battery pack that can easily fit into your pocket. It weighs only 266 grams and has a capacity rating of 9,600 mAh. It includes several connector tips for various charging ports.

Anker Astro 5,600 mAh External Battery. This external battery pack has a capacity rating of 5,600 mAh, which can extend your Kindle Fire’s battery life with up to 200 hours more for nonstop audio playback. The battery pack itself can be used as a flashlight that can stay lit for about 100 hours or so.

Cinch Power CP805. Weighing only 200 grams, this is another lightweight Lithium-polymer extended battery pack. It has a capacity rating of 8,000 mAh and also includes adapters for various types of charging ports.

Nothing could be more annoying for a mobile urban ninja like you than to run out of battery while you are on the run. But, you know what is more annoying than that? Not bringing your charger.  Try then, these 5 tips for saving battery on your Amazon Kindle Fire.

Photos courtesy of SlashGear

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