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Oct 292011

The Amazon Kindle Fire has yet to leave Amazon’s warehouses starting this November 15, but it has already set public interest aflame.  While most manufacturers of Android tablets are having troubles with getting people interested in their wares, Amazon seems to have gathered a lot of fans for its Amazon Kindle Fire.

What’s so likeable about this Android tablet?  Read on to find out the top six features of the Amazon Kindle Fire that many people find lovable–and which you also probably will.


The Amazon Kindle Fire has a killer price.  For all the nifty features that Amazon has packed into the Amazon Kindle Fire, its price of $200 is too attractive to ignore.  For most people, in fact, this extremely low price is the chief head-turner.  It is a small fraction of the price of most Android tablets today, most of which are ridiculously priced. We actually shook our heads when Amazon revealed the price. If you want to find out for yourself, go ahead and take a look at the Amazon Kindle Fire page.

Durable Portability

Place two credit cards in two rows (i.e., a 2×2 grid), and you’ll have a fair idea of how big the Amazon Kindle Fire is.  The device is actually a few millimeters bigger than that, but you get the idea.  Amazon designed the Kindle Fire to be portable–you can place it inside your purse or bag, and it won’t take up much space.  Its physical size is small enough to make it a great choice for people who are on the go.

The Amazon Kindle Fire also won’t need both your hands so you can hold it securely.  Its small size and its light weight (413 grams) makes it convenient to hold with just one hand.  It’s about as thick as a full size (Type A) USB plug, so you can imagine how easy the tablet can be held by just one hand.Amazon has also fortified the Kindle Fire’s screen with Corning Gorilla Glass so that it can remain smooth and resistant to scratches, scrapes, or bumps.  The display is 30 times harder than plastic, and 20 times stiffer.  So, even if you place your Kindle Fire inside your bag along with your keys, other gadgets, pens, notebooks, and what-not, the Kindle Fire is safe from scratches.

Access to Millions of Amazon Content

Amazon has millions of downloadable content accessible through the Amazon Kindle Fire.  Magazines, movies, TV shoes, Android apps, books (children’s books, comics, cookbooks, novels, nonfiction, etc.)–Amazon has them.

You can download your favorite magazine such as Elle, Oprah, Wired, GQ, Bon Appetit, and Vanity Fair and read it right on your Amazon Kindle Fire–in full color and complete with images (photos and illustrations).  Some magazines have interactive and dynamic features (e.g., video, audio), and Amazon Kindle Fire lets you enjoy those, too.

You also have access to 100,000 TV shows and movies.  You can purchase or rent them right from Kindle Fire, and they’d be instantly ready for you to watch.

Want to read the latest bestselling novel?  Browse through the Amazon Kindle Store’s 1-million-strong bookshelf–and that’s only for books for sale.  Amazon also has more than 2 million more Public Domain books that you can download for free and read on your Amazon Kindle Fire.  Or, perhaps you’d like to instill the habit of reading among your kids?  You can pick children’s books from the 1,000 in Amazon’s collection–all of them colorfully and beautifully illustrated, ready to tickle your young ones’ imaginations.

Amazon also has a growing collection of Android apps and all of them have been tested through fire by Amazon so that they’d run smoothly on your Amazon Kindle Fire.

For the audiophiles and music lovers, Amazon has a mind-boggling collection of 17 million songs in its Amazon MP3 Store–all ready for you to stream to your Kindle Fire or to download for later listening.

Rich and Vibrant Display

The display is one of the very first few things that draws instant attention to a mobile device–be it an Android smartphone or an Android tablet.  The Amazon Kindle Fire, in this case, has bragging rights in the display and color department.

The Kindle Fire has a 7-inch touchscreen LCD display that uses In-Plane Switching technology.  Not only does that result in rich display of the 16 million colors that the Kindle Fire’s touchscreen is capable of displaying.  It also gives the Kindle Fire an extra-wide angle for viewing, which means that whichever you look at the display from, the Kindle Fire always gives vivid and crystal clear images.

Plus, owing to the Kindle Fire display’s resolution of 1024×600 pixels, its 7-inch screen effectively displays crisp and sharp images of 169 pixels per inch (ppi).

And, for the techie among you, part of the whole package that gives the Amazon Kindle Fire its amazing display capability is the dual-core 1.0-GHz Texas Instruments OMAP processor and its 512 MB of RAM.

Multiple Storage Options

The Amazon Kindle Fire has limited built-in storage.  Its published built-in storage capacity is only 8 gigabytes, with an estimated 6 gigabytes available for actual use.  By Amazon estimates, that amount can store enough files to make any average user reasonably happy.  With that amount of space, about 80 apps and 10 movies (or 800 songs, or 6,000 books).  Depending on your primary use, I’d say that 6,000 books inside one Android tablet practically makes the Kindle Fire a digital book library.

Apart from the built-in storage, the Amazon Kindle Fire also has preinstalled access to free cloud storage on Amazon.  This means that all content you buy from Amazon–books, music, movies, apps–don’t have to be stored on your device.  You can store it free on Amazon’s servers and you can access, download, or stream them to your device any time (provided you’re connected to the Internet, of course).

Web Browsing

The Amazon Kindle Fire lets you connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi.  So, wherever there is a Wi-Fi Internet connection, you can browse the Web on your Kindle Fire.  The Android tablet uses its own browser called Amazon Silk which Amazon promises to make your Web browsing experience silky-smooth through cloud acceleration.

The Amazon Kindle Fire also provides you with a single inbox for storing your webmail.  So, if you have accounts with the popular Web mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL, you can store all of them into just one inbox.  That makes email management less troublesome and less confusing because you won’t have to hop from one account to another.

Take note, though, that Wi-Fi can eat up the Kindle Fire’s battery power and can shorten battery life.  While the Kindle Fire can last up to 8 hours when used for non-stop reading, or up to 7.5 hours when used for non-stop video playback, its battery life can last less than that if the tablet’s wireless connection is turned on and depending also on wireless usage (e.g., Web browsing or downloading stuff).


Earlier reports, rumors, and speculations have said that hundreds of thousands–perhaps even millions–have already preordered the Amazon Kindle Fire right after Amazon opened the doors for preorders.  There are good reasons for that.  This article has mentioned six.  Can you add more?

Learn more about the Amazon Kindle Fire straight from Amazon itself.

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