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About Android TidBits


Android TidBits is a fledgling community of Android enthusiasts all over the world. It does not have grandiose ambitions of domination over the more established sites, but it does have noble goals of providing a reliable source of Android news, Android smartphone reviews, Android tablet reviews, Android guides, Android app reviews, and anything Android-related–one tidbit at a time.

Google’s Android mobile operating system is one big elephant. No one can eat the whole mammoth in one big bite. And so, Android TidBits chops it down into bite-size portions. Android is much easier to chew, swallow, and digest that way.

Though an Android fan and enthusiast site, Android TidBits also distinguishes itself from other similar endeavors by not stoking the fires of enmity with competitor platforms such as Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Android TidBits believes that the world is a much better place with multiple platforms existing and co-existing because such an environment offers consumers the freedom to choose. Consumers also have a lot to gain from healthy competition.

For sake of emphasis, Android TidBits is an enthusiast and fan site.  That does not necessarily mean that we express our “love” for the little green robot by expressing vengeful or spiteful remarks towards those who “love” other non-green robots.  Heck, that doesn’t even mean we don’t “love” other platforms.  We “love” Android, but not necessarily exclusively. Our “love” for one, does not necessarily translate to our “hate” for the other.

Our little green robot has many things in store for many people. Each person can have a tidbit of Android. And, we are hoping you’d get yours straight from Android TidBits.

Welcome to Android TidBits and feel free to participate in our bustling community.

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