Shield TV owners, rejoice! Starting today, Nvidia is pushing out the Oreo OTA update to our favorite Android TV box. Along with the latest version of Android, you’ll get a whole host of additional features, including an all new UI. Exciting times, indeed.

Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0 (not to be confused with the Android version, 8.0) overhauls the main screen, bringing your apps, shows, music, and games all front and center. It’s customizable, so you can tweak to your liking. Everything is separated into rows. The first one, Apps, is pretty self-explanatory, but Play Next is focused on showing you the shows and movies that you have finished yet or the games you’re working on, and you can add titles to this row, too.

Channels, like Netflix, YouTube, etc, display popular content, opting for easy discovery. The order of which can be customized, so you can have your more commonly-used apps at the top. Nvidia also mentions some new shortcuts for getting around:

  • Hold Home button to see All Apps
  • Hold Back button to bring up Settings, including Sleep Now
  • Double press Home button to bring up Recent Apps
  • Hold Select button (or A button on gamepad) on content to add to Play Next.
  • Hold Select button (or A button on gamepad) on apps to move or remove.
  • While on a Channel row, navigate all the way left to move or remove it.

Though it’s long overdue, Nvidia says that it wanted to take the time to make sure that the update not only worked smoothly, but that it added to the overall experience, surfacing new content for your watching pleasure. Not every app supports Channel and Play Next, but more will be added as time goes on.

The Oreo/Shield Experience 7.0 update will be rolling out starting today, to finish over the next few days. No one will blame you for anxiously waiting for that oh-so-sweet notification.


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