Late last month, Razer released an Oreo preview build for the Razer Phone, with the final release slated to arrive in mid to late April. Well, we’re now solidly in the territory of mid to late April, and Razer has kept its word. The company has also announced that the Razer Phone is now available at Best Buy.

As for the update’s contents, Razer says that it “presents a cleaner visual design and under-the-hood improvements for a better overall experience,” and that it’ll come with a Nova Launcher update, system improvements, and bug fixes. That’s all pretty vague, but here are just a few of the changes in 8.1.

Razer also took this opportunity to announce that the Razer Phone is now available for purchase at Best Buy. It’s currently only online, but it’ll be coming to retail stores soon. You’ll be able to get it with either the standard green Razer logo on the back or the fancy chrome logo version, both for $699.99.