Google is starting to adopt bottom navigation bars across its products, with the recent YouTube update and new Chrome interface. But if there’s one thing about Google that’s consistent, it’s the company’s inconsistency. A tweaked design for the Play Store app is rolling out to users worldwide, with a new navigation bar below the existing tabs.


Left: Old design; Right: New design

The new bar doesn’t function like a bottom navigation bar (despite looking like one), instead serving as a sub-menu for whatever section you’re viewing. It replaces a series of buttons with the same labels. Both the old buttons and new bar overflow to the right of the screen, requiring horizontal scrolling to see all the options on phone screens.

While perhaps not part of this exact test, there is also a notable change rolling out to the side menu:

Left: Old design; Right: New design

The ‘My Apps and games’ menu option is now placed at the very top. In my case, the tab for ‘Movies, Music, and Books’ is also gone, but that tab may have already been gone from your devices. It’s hard to keep track of all the Play Store’s small UI changes.

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